About us


Is inspired by places we have been, food we have tasted and dreams that we have had



PANNA COFFEE is our very first venture. We had in mind to build a place where we would simply serve great coffee and wonderful food under one roof in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere and do things slightly different to those other coffee shops in our area. Our place is clean and fresh inspired by Scandinavian look. We opened our doors for the very first time on 15th.July 2013 in Liverpool Business District and have recently moved our business to a beautiful and historic city centrum of CHESTER (35 Watergate Street, CH1 2LB).






Our menu is inspired by our love of fresh ingredients straight from the garden. We source ingredients grown by local producers which allows us to bring you the freshest and finest ingredients with authentic seasonal flavours. We treat all our ingredients with care, passion and love. Cut, chop, slice, shred, grate and crush all of them every morning to make sure we keep the freshness and juiciness of each fruit and vegetable for you to enjoy.





Panna Coffee Blend


Another passion of ours is COFFEE.

The best cup of coffee is a lot like a fine art; creativity, passion and imagination are the key factors for creating a masterpiece to remember.


We spent a lot of sleepless nights (probably by drinking too much coffee), travelled miles and miles and met countless number of people, just to find the right coffee blend we could be proud to pour into your cup. After all its not just coffee which goes into your cup.


It was important for us to find coffee beans that can be traceable back to their origin, this way we can ensure that local farmers in developing countries have a right to a sustainable future.




Panna Name


It is never easy naming a venue. We were looking
for something that represented our passion,
our menu, our past but also our future. We wanted
a name that had a bit of us, but was also fun
and easy to remember. Panna was the perfect choice.

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