Espresso, Aero Press, Pour Over, V60

Speciality Coffee House

PANNA BLEND gives your cup a huge body and big flavour profile; a tiny hint of leather,black pepper and a bit of spice. Expect beautiful and elegant sweetness of chocolate from Bourbon; a big  mouth-feel, and a juiciness of red apples mixed up with a cherryawesomeness. A delicious mouthfeel and body going on: it's amazing how much of this coffee you can see. A wonderful espresso.


POUR OVER - The ritual of the pour over is a analog meditation: There’s no machine in your way, no flashing green lights, no electric powercords. Just you and a few simple tools. The final cup is reminiscent of one from a drip coffeemaker (hey, 1970!) but noticeably more delicate and complex. Observe the bloom, experience the first trace of coffee-drunk steam, notice how the spiral of the pour alters the final cup. This simple experience gets you in tune with your coffee. Both feet on the ground now.


AERO PRESS - A space-age contraption with gravity-defying aspirations, the AeroPress was invented by Aerobie just 38 miles from our Oakland roastery. Aerobie is responsible for creating the long-flying “superdisc” that broke Guiness World Records when it soared 1,333 feet into the air. (Take that, frisbee!) The same mastery of aerodynamics comes into play here, with this peculiar and lovely device for brewing coffee.


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